Friday, February 20, 2009


today was a good day
today i became member of Greenpeace

of course it would've been much more interesting
and rather defiant of me
to have done it about 20 years ago
when the pro-environmental fighting was a real physical fight
and not a logged-in entry over the internet

oh! nowadays it is so easy to be a 'revolutionary' and a 'fighter'!
it just takes a lousy donation and to sign a couple of online petitions
one can be conveniently seated over one's own overweight ass
typing comfortably eating snacks while
stopping the cruelty and disdain with which we treat this beautiful planet, the amazing animals who inhabit it,
and ultimately our-stupid-selves

of course i'd love to be fighting right now the cold coasts of Alaska
in spite of this cold and cough
stopping US nuclear tests on a drafty boat
as the initials heroes did back on the early 70's

but oh well, one does what one's drive is capable of,
which is not much...

if you are interested and have a light or a heavy ass
and enjoy feeling like a hero and think you are defending
your ideas just 'cause you type a bunch of nonsense in a blog
much like me, then
you can enroll and donate money too!! and ideas, and signatures,
just click the link below
and if by any chance you are less lazy than that
then you can actually volunteer your time and real efforts and
go physically to places where you are required and 'fight',
this beautiful planet that actually feeds you with
precious oxygen about 20,000 times per day
might just thank you back, by feeding you and letting you
still breath...

[my very short-term goals as a Greenpeace member
are to start eco-terrorizing my stupid neighbors
who cannot seem to stop littering around here
rather constructive attitude inspired by
Twilly Spree, a character on Carl Hiaasen's Sick Puppy
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