Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Adiós to Herr Kiyo

I have been delaying
posting anything on the blog
being sort of ‘superstitious’
I didn’t want my 1st post of the year
To be a sad one

Yet, the days of 2009
Are passing like clear water
And since the sadness hasn’t
Fade away, here goes the 1st post
Even if sad

On January 2nd my beloved
Best-friend pet fish herr Kiyo
I guess was a mixture of
Bad weather, his age
he being not easy to feed anymore
and maybe missing a bit
that took him away from
the land of the living

just as the character in the novel
that he was named after
the beautiful adolescent Kiyoaki
from Yukio Mishima's novel Spring Snow
Kiyo died soon in life
and in a sort of tragic way

5 days have passed
And I still go now & then
To check his water temperature
And to say hello on his bowl
Just to realize
The bowl is gone
And to remember that herr Kiyo
Was buried on January 3rd

I still catch myself at work,
When it gets too cold
Wondering if his temperature at home
Is the right one
And the next second, when I remember
He’s not around anymore
A little lump in my throat forms
And even if I don’t want to
I grow sad

Ah… oh well, I know he’s in fish heaven
Or whatever place the spirits of fishes go

I just thank life for having borrowed me
That lovely piece of red fish for a couple
Of years, so I could photographing
Spoil him, take care of him
And share some smiles

Not sure why
But just as 2008, this year
Started strange too,
February and March 2008
Where the harshest months for me
And now it seem that this January 2009
Is coming strong too
after Kiyo’s death
I contracted this awful throat infection
Days passed and I still haven’t recovered
I’d like to think that what my grandma told me once
It’s true… when a year starts bad, it’s ‘cause
You are getting the ‘bad stuff’ out of your way
So you can enjoy more later on…
2008 was indeed ‘in crescendo’
And ended with a wonderful trip to Mexico
And reconnecting with family members
Who I haven’t seen in years
Therefore, I am sure, this 2009
Will bloom with happiness for me somehow

Danke!, thank you y muchas gracias
My beloved Herr Kiyo
For many months of your lovely company
All I can give you back now
Is a sad post on this world-wide web life
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