Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 dying, post from Autlán, México

2008 fades
a year full of surprises
as is always life

i started the 2008 Neujahrstag
in Bielefeld, Germany

this was my Grand Canyon year
an unforgettable experience

and now i write from a mexican keyboard
finally i can reach easily the "ñ" & the accents
and even though i love my little Sandiegan life
it will be hard to leave this colorful mexican town
Autlán, Jalisco, México

and after a couple of days spent here
i realize that no matter how far i travel
the wonders of Europe, the convinience of the USA
the exotique and rich cities of the worlds
my heart belongs in México
my tongue feels so comfortable to
hablar en Español

anyways here wishing a late "Feliz Navidad"
and a wonderful 2009
to the souls who dare read here

wishing you that the kitchen of your heart
cooks wonderful dishes for your soul for you this 2009
esperando que la cocina de su corazón
cocine para ustedes los mejores platillos para su alma
para el año 2009
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