Sunday, February 24, 2008

the 80th Oscars

the only movie i have seen so far
out of 5 nominated for Oscar
for the best picture is
No Country for Old Men
here an earlier review

and no wonder i went to watch it
the day it came out...
a combination of the always-witty Coen brothers
with extraordinary talented
spanish actor Javier Bardem
cannot go wrong

so tonight, it won
best director(s) - two in this case
best picture
and best secondary actor
Javier Bardem

2 great personal surprises
Tilda Swinton
for best supporting actress
i know her very well since she's the leading actress
of one bizarre film i love

i am really curious about
La Vie en Rose
of the life of Edith Piaf
specially since this lovely french actress
Marion Cotillard
won the Oscar for best leading actress

a dusty evening
cleaning finally a little my house
while watching the Oscars on the TV
not bad ending for a rainy Sunday

now i have yet another 10 or 15 films
to watch
ah sigh! there's more movies than time...
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