Friday, October 17, 2008

antony and the johnsons, los angeles

LA Philharmonic Orchestra tunning up before the show

last Tuesday
we drove straight from work
San Diego to Los Angeles

2 hours of freeway, for
Antony and the Johnsons playing with
the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
at the Walt Disney Music Hall

we arrive early enough and
walked a couple of miles around
Downtown Los Angeles
a mixture of old skyscrapers
historical buildings
with spanish signs of mexican businesses
all besides Little Tokyo

we had dinner in this little japanese place
were i had some Udon soup with wild vegetables
the noodles were green
and the wild vegetables fresh and still crisp
my friends drank warm sake and oh
we were ready for the show

Antony's performance was intimate and somehow
mystical, the opening track with a repetitive mood
accompanied by humming violins
put the audience deep into a trance
just a sample of the next glorious 90 minutes
Antony's voice is close to perfection
and then with the LA Philharmonic, ah!
and in that venue, magical architecture
and wonderful interiors as well

photos were forbidden, so i just snatched
the one of the orchestra
but if you are ever in LA, visit the place!
and with this is the second time
that I step inside one of mister Frank O. Gehry buildings
the 1st one was in Herford, Germany
at the MARTa Herford museum

as for Antony and The Johnsons
even if i know the magic of that night
cannot be easily repeated
i surely hope to see them again
and here a another point of view
of the experience
the review
by my friend perro
who was with me there
the other companion as photographed here
both, mister conner und sr. perro
as they walk downtown LA
their bottom-line
"it was awesome"
i have to agree

and yes, it was a full moon
accompanying us on the 2hrs of way back
it all worthed

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