Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, Ikea

as my 8" analon non-stick skillet
is almost never big enough
for a decent stir-fry
i went to Ikea last night
[ah, always pleasant there]

to buy the planned 11" wok with lid
here he is

already used twice this morning
steaming sweet potatoes
and the ah! long-awaited stir-fry which i just
munched now accompanied of some crunchy brown rice

but as always i end up with
some extra unplanned product
so this time the
product is

the BUSIG tray

but i just couldn't resist the elephants
and the colors, or the idea of elephants
with flowers and patterns on their bodies
or the little elephants
dunno, but it reminded me of a Beatles song
one of the silly ones they made (wink)
and oh well
it's an Ikea weakness heh heh
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