Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, a lateish September night

and finally
the 1st time in a while
a Friday night
un cántaro y tequila
the top of my fridge
& my little plant

this night smells
of warm September summer
of water with clay
and of memoirs of guests
die Herren, later, my mom

teas, smiles, roads, besos
and laughs
this summer is fading away
but not the days in my heart
and summers will come
along with bread, trees, breeze, and wine

and yes
it's been a while
but as always
am back

and restart as left
to my 1st words plastered here
in this warm September night

Disclaimer: this post is designed to be read while drinking some good refreshing beverage, either a hot fresh tea, a cold Bier, a glass of good French red wine, little sips of Tequila, or a lemonade w/sparkling water, ...worst case
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