Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunny quiet Sonntag

today was one of those
lovely quiet Sundays

[and during the cooking of das Frühstück, a beloved voice came through, filling the eggs' recipe with joy]

an introspective day
with quiet home shores
the smell of laundry and the soft sun
reminded me of the peace

[i did laundry and realized i have way too many light green clothing (?)]

that peaces that seems to hide in between home-cooked meals
and quiet afternoons smelling of books and tea

slowly one can feel
the hot turbulence of the Summer
surrendering to the more calmed
languid moods of the Autumn

and slowly on this lazy late Summer, i can feel
as i contemplate shadows through my window

the memoir of your soft kiss
and the birds fly around again
in a little dizzy bliss

a sunny Sonntag sneaky feeling
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