Friday, May 09, 2008

twin peaks / twin bricks / twin beaks

just as special agent cooper
arrested james as a suspect
on laura's palmer murder
because of a reflection on
laura's eye;
the same way, one can tell
sometimes where a person's
portrait was taken
if one find an accurate reflection
of their eyes

so here my 'laura's version eye'
where am i?
not even myself could decipher

and it comes
accompanied by a copied/pasted
transcript of that scene from the
original script of Twin Peaks
[notice is from the TV series, not the film]


JAMES HURLEY is seated, next to his LAWYER, across from Truman, as Cooper enters and sits down beside the Sheriff.
James has been advised of his rights.
James, you were placed under arrest
for suspicion of murder, the murder
of Laura Palmer. You have no
previous criminal record, is that
None. No, sir.
Cooper turns on the VCR and we see the same videotape of Laura and Donna at the picnic that we saw earlier. James watches the video.
James, did you shoot this videotape?
Cooper fast forwards to the freeze frame of the motorcycle reflected in Laura's eye.

and a couple of embedded mini films
from youtube, as is tradition on the
world of the lazy blogger because
what could be easier than just copy an embedded film
and blog about it?
well, i know what
to embedded 3 little films at the same time
over the same david-lynch-esco mood
of Twin Peaks

1. a great found, sort of a mini-7".Minutes-documentary, very interesting and with great interviews (the best of the 3)

2. a rather funny Lego tribute, Twin Bricks
"Diane I am on my 17th cup of coffee and my bladder is about to explode"
"Diane I am on my 37th cup of coffee today and I believe I am beginning to hallucinate"

and don't miss the stoplight scenes

3. when a story is recreated for children wonderfully in Sesame Street, you know it's on it's way to become a classic, part of the popular but still ranking good culture; and one can't just avoid to love the "special agent Cookie", great!

crave a cup of coffee and some pie now?
or to munch more some clueless yet beautiful ala lynch
cinematic lunch?
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