Thursday, May 08, 2008

mir tut der Kopf weh, the modus vivendi

oh it's great to learn a 3rd language
but so hard!!!
specially since my native language is Spanish
seems harder for me to learn German
through an English book/class/professor

the lastest Kopfschmerze is
the reflexive verbs... mmm?
but not even so much 'cause
in Spanish we use these verbs in a reflexive way too!
but then in English not..., so rather confusing
this stuff on my brain

from my mexican brain to English
and then German and then oh well

mir tut der Kopf weh!

i am thankful to learn
every day a little more

at least 1 foreign word per day!
one should learn, they might be helpful
specially if you travel
If you like to travel
probably you want to understand a little of other cultures

For me the most fascinating part of learning a new language
Is to understand the idiosyncrasies that form a culture
And never underestimate that NON-power of translation
‘cause many things CANNOT be translated
And language is so closely intrinsic to the modus vivendi
Of a civilization
So go learn something or anything about other cultures
That are not your own!
Just another little suggestion…

una pequeña sugerencia

see? if you study a little Spanish
you would know what says above...
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