Friday, April 18, 2008

strange happenings/requiem for a camera

today i got a new little camera
a point-and-shot
Canon Powershot SD1100 IS

i had an older point-and-shot
Canon Powershot A310
my little companion for many
thousands of photos, many trips
and many friends and family

this past week
and because the lens of my alpha
is not working
i have been using the old little canon again

this past week i took a couple of photos with it
like this one from today, today's parking lot

and how little did i know when i took this picture!
just today around 5 pm (17 Uhr)
that would be one of the last photos i would be able
to take with it

but things happened
today when i came home with the new camera
i tried to take a picture of the new camera
(the battery charging) with the old camera

and like an omen or a curse
in that moment the old camera broke!
the image just went strange, very strange
on the lens as you can see below
it still takes pictures, but they look like this

the whole situation felt as it was not possible
to take a photo of a part of a canon powershot
with another canon powershot

i just think is an extremely weird coincidence that one camera broke
just a couple of minutes before the new one was battery charged
and ready to go...

i have phases in my life when a lot of coincidences happen
i remember 2005 being a year full of strange happenings
then it stopped for a while

but today's coincidence is just the second one
of these past days: in a sort of unusual way
i came across a person that have lived in this
same apartment, details will follow soon...
but yes, it was also strange
oh well

hope tomorrow to go out for a couple of testing pix
happy to have a new little camera
but sad that the older one had to break...
i am so sentimentally attached to it...
i will still keep it, maybe the canon-fairy
who broke it, might fix it back as well
ehem, ehem... did you read that little fairy?

schönes Wochenende
have a lovely weekend
que tengas un bonito fin de semana
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