Wednesday, April 16, 2008


just 8 days for
and i am getting excited!
this music festival will be
the Woodstock of my life
even if for me will be just
1 day of music & peace

i have seen many bands live before
but i don't remember ever going
to a properly called 'musical festival'

there are 22 bands playing on Saturday
but my main interests are

[yep, this is his official site
a black page, ah! {smile}]

Café Tacuba
Sasha & John Digweed
Animal Collective
[i am really really curious to see
these animal collective, watch the video below
and you'll understand why, i really like that
little strange song, great dissonance!]

the Cold War Kids
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

there are various stages
so i am sure some of the bands i want to see
might play at the same time
a day of tough choices, high temperatures
dessert, and all the music you can take!

san diego radio sucks
has an 'almost-daily' follow up
and count-down with some
of the bands performing at coachella

here your dose of Grass
courtesy of Animal Collective

and about this sort of song
the village voice wrote:

If all this sounds strangely disjointed, consider the facts: The boys are always grinding, making music in combination with any given member or members, other random people, themselves. (The first official Animal Collective disc, Here Comes the Indian, was released in 2003, but various incarnations of the group, principally Dave and Noah, had already put out five albums.) And as of this past summer, none of them even lived in the same city—Dave was in Paris with his roommate, Black Dice's Eric Copeland, playing music of their own. (Brooklyn's Black Dice, it should be noted, began as one of those antagonistic bands, violently interacting with their audiences.) Although it would be cool if they were, Animal Collective aren't actually holed up in some woodsy commune in the far reaches of East Williamsburg.

People understandably jump to such conclusions when they hear drums and see clam diggers. Animal Collective do exist on the fringe of a pattern—call it crunch, because that sort of sounds like crunk—principally composed of fringes.
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