Friday, April 11, 2008

my favorite drug

can smile now
taking doses
of my selected drug

listening to 3 of my favorite
online radio stations
national public radio
from Santa Monica College

Brainwashed Radio
a non-profit online broadcaster
of excellent music hosted
producers of rather
obscure music
such another of my favorite bands
godspeed you! black emperor

Otto's Baroque Musick
ah! Otto's online selection
of early baroque music
is great for changing mood
from too modern
to mild-lunatic from the 1600's

no wonder tonight
is my turn to smile!
tonight sounds eclectic indeed
been from

all the way to
Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

so if you want to smile also
maybe you should check them out too'
they are free and international,
like the world-wide web...

and by the way, if you want to know how all this got started
in mean, 'the internet'
dont' forget to read:
Where Wizards Stay Up Late,
'the origins of the Internet'
full of interesting facts that helped formed
this web, that you & me now so placidly 'surf'
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