Wednesday, April 09, 2008

der Wortschatz

so another day
still my philosophies/ideas about life
and the reasons for existence
lingering on the air of a Californian spring

but at least today i have learn a couple more
of german words, courtesy of
Kapitel 10 Wortschatz Quiz morgen Nachmittag

more than mnemonic techniques
what i do to memorize the new words is
to write down a couple of times the words
on a little notebook that resembles
the work of a lunatic, am sure...
if found out of context

and funny enough one of the phrases to learn is
So ein Mist!
so the expression reminded me of this little book
On Bullshit, by Harry G. Frankfurt

and more repetition of words
good way to scare away the existential neurosis
writing words in German a diestra y siniestra...
now excuse my spanglish
but to also to fill out the space on this picture
i remember tonight another also small (slim over all)
book but with a great content
The Book of Tea, by Kakuzo Okakura
as i mentioned in one of my very first posts
a must read, regardless of being a tea drinker or not

and to finish this day
not sure why
sure out of moodiness i came out with these
set of self-fractioned-portraits
unfresh from tonight
tired dark circles under eyes
and to wake up tomorrow at 6.30 am
sechs Uhr dreißig morgen

at least i already have the pijama on this one

good night!
zzz... und zzz, and zzzz
y... a-ha! todavía no me he dormido
pero ahí voy!
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