Monday, April 14, 2008


ich habe heute Geburtstag
today is my birthday
hoy es mi cumpleaños

and i know strange vibes been around
my life for the past days
but yet i wake up today
and i am thankful for being alive!
for having lived 39 years already
even if it doesn't really feel like 39...

i am thankful for having friends and family
for being alive
for having a very little house
a very little car and a job
also i have a very little but lovely red pet
all in my life is barely there and nothing is too big
not so flashing
all is modest but i am OK with what i have

and i am sure the ones that remember me
wish me well,
i might be remembered even
in other continents! eh! ahh!

so even with a broken camera
i do have a lot to be thankful for...

and yes! i make a lot of mistakes
but life is to live and to learn
so i hope i am growing personally every day
and ... yeah strange to be 39
but ready to keep on living
and bring on the next 39!

i hope you leave your little message here
to celebrate with me being around for 39 years
if you'd like to share this day with me!
even if just online

and i am not an expert on astrology
but the characteristics of my sign
Aries, sound a lot like me...
specially the stubborn part

and here how i looked age 38
just a couple of days ago
with my still OK alpha
ah sighs...

and here how my broken alpha
portraits 'the time'...

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