Sunday, March 16, 2008

rain, wine, and an afternoon with open-air organ

it rained all night
traces of rain on the
now-sunny morning

at it is 49°F (9°C) here!
too cold for a March in San Diego
still, meister Sun shows its face this morning

and to see meister Jackson Borges
playing the Organ at Spreckles Theater this afternoon

Jackson is my friend from die Deutschstunde!
he told us last class about this event
where he's the main organist
and the 3 Bach pieces on an open-air venue
at 2pm sound rather delightful!

last night found a red wine, that promises no headaches
Red Well 2006, a Californian table red wine
from Heartswork Winery
since reads sulfites-free
i don't believe any red wine can be
sulfite free a 100% but at least less sulfatoide i guess it is
i had a glass last night, and clear headed today
the flavor is cheerful and very light bodied
so it's easy to drink a little too much of it

oh strange days around here
some things are really slow
but time seems to be flowing so fast
i feel like staring at the world
from the sidewalk sometimes
without jumping into the rushing traffic hour
things on-hold, yet feelings and movement
are not
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