Friday, March 14, 2008


We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much baby


Suspicious Minds is
the best Elvis song ever!

'cause even if you are a 'darketo'
a punk-electronic-rocketo,
a country man, a jazzy fellow
or a classic old chap...

we have to admit that he was the King!
and i am not an Elvis fan
but this song, ah! and...
his ala king-of-rock life, death
and legacy
just cannot be denied

as i can't deny when i listen to it
i silly-smile
with gray sweater and messy bathroom

i am mostly a silly woman
i smile a lot and i am simple-natured
nothing sophisticated to see here...
i am almost 40 years old
and i am still lost on my own little world
the same one that i had in my head when i was 12 years

i still get excited with Sherlock Holmes stories
even if Saramago stole my innocence once

and yes, i have traveled, i have loved,
i have lost, and i have won
and those precious trophies are mostly smiles and hugs
(the only important things to really care about, as i think...)
i always arrive late and i am rather informal
but apart from being always late
i do not usually tell lies

yet, the core in my spirit is the same
and for that simpleness of mind
i guess i am thankful
as a Steppenwolf song (The Pusher) said:

"You know I smoked a lot of grass and I've popped a lot of pills
But I've never done nothing that my spirit couldn't kill"

and as everybody
i have my bad and my good days
i am temperamental and simple-minded at the same time
i trust to death but then i grow suspicious of even
a fly too close to my head

but then i have my fixes
those precious cures that we all look for
sometimes is a cold beer in the middle of the night
while playing an old record

sometimes is the phone call to a loved one

and all these marvels i find and i
find them around the corner too!
on the smile of an unknown child
or the salute of a warm face crossing the side walk
with me at the same time
or on more expected places as in
art, literature, all that cult stuff
but then pop-art, i do can cry to pop-ness as well as to
profoundness, and sometimes these old songs...
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