Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kiyo y su banda de Piratas

Kiyo, the fish
finally recovering
from Popeye
to my surprise and relief
he spent many days on a
"hospital tank"
under a 150 watts lamps
and 2 antibiotics
Maracyn-Two and CopperSafe

i put a thermometer and he
adopted it as his home

but today i finally set him up
in a new 2 gallon tank
with heather, some nice rocks
a cave, and a pirate skull
it seems that mister Kiyo
after surviving strong sickness
has decided to sail to more dangerous adventures
now he lives a life on the edge
he's Kiyo, der Korsar, der Pirat
Kiyo, el corsario, el Pirata!

and my smiling final again
after a long week
and another one to come
as wisdom teeth surgery awaits for me
this coming Wednesday...
to confess i just don't want to deal
with the whole thing
but i guess it is not option

here, to cheer-up a bit
this is not a love song
from the wonderful album
Nouvelle Vague
just covers of post-punks classic songs
in bossa nova versions
this one originally by Public Image Ltd.
who remembers them?
i guess i did tonight

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