Sunday, October 14, 2007

die donut Krise

it has been a strange weekend
i felt in crisis many times
the past 2 days

out of the blue
and in the worst part of the day
when the night starts to crawl
that is when i feel the most lonely and sad

my mother called!
i told her a was a little melancholic
and little sad & blue
i did not tell her specific reasons
why i was sad
she knows i get sad no & then
and that's when i need my friends the most
so she didn't ask why
but she advised me!

she said...

daughter don't worry
you are not alone
you have your mom still
so go to the store and eat a cake
or something sweet to help your heart
feel happy again

i am 38
but i followed my mom's advice

i found a sweet pink donut
a really pink colorful one!
i thought, many colors!
if it has to cheer me up

a donut
is not a friend
and is not love
and cannot give you a hug
but tonight is all i have
a donut, and my mom
with a warm tea i will eat it
and try to sleep

and wait for a new week of work
and stuff...
for this life to go on...

again, another night
that i feel a little alone
but with a donut
might be all a little less bitter
and sugary

and sometimes
it is good to listen
the voice of your mom
that way you don't feel so desperate
so alone..
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