Friday, October 12, 2007

der Schaufelraddampfer

or English
(you were right the 1st time!)
a Paddle wheel steamer
or in Spanish
un Buque de vapor a rueda de paleta...

so what I know about Tom Sawyer
the little details
is not 'cause I have read Mark Twain
i confess myself Twain-ignorant
and what a shame!
but one day, maybe soon
I hope i can read him

anyway, i know a bit about
Tom and Huck and yes Becky
because while in Mexico i used
to watch these lovely japanese cartoons!
the Tom Sawyer adventures

the story-line was taken straight from the book
and the episodes were so funny

again the original version was in Japanese
but i watched dubbed in Spanish
a real treat!

look at the ending of every cartoon
Tom and Huck running free
following der Schaufelraddampfer
heh heh
this is the original japanese
with a lovely (even if not understandable at all)

and here the 1st episode of the series
in Spanish!
you might want to see, even without understanding
the words, one can follow the actions
that's what i love about cartoons

here Tom and Becky

and maybe my favorite Episode!
Joe el Indio
oh Joe the indian is so freightening

i hate youtube, but i love youtube too

and NO, i was not a child when i watched these cartoons on TV
i was i think 25 or 26
and up to this day
i still watch cartoons, not just Adult cartoons
like the Simpsons

but i watch children cartoons now & then
i still love Tom & Jerry and the old Spider-Man
and so many others

sure! i can be an pseudo intellectual and
get all fussy about Nietzsche and Schopenhauer
but also, i can easily on a Saturday morning
tunning into Sesame Street
and have a fun session with Kermit the frog
and for sure with mister Elmo
i am a freak but i love this guy!

oh the glory of become old
without many prejudices when it comes to sophistication

long live Tom Sawyer
writers, cartoon makers
and any other artists that fulfill
our little lives with precious moments
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