Tuesday, September 11, 2007


my half-moon betta fish
has this looong lovely
red tail
& ends in a very subtle tint
of lilac at some of the ends of it
very pretty!

i hope i can schedule a photo shot soon with him
i need to find a proper background and the proper light
and for sure
experiment with the
"subject in movement" setting of my camera
since this feisty red subject of mine
is anything but still...

he is probably the most quick-tempered
and moody but happy betta fish i've ever seen
he has so much energy
i think it helps that the plant in his bowl
is a living plant, there's a lot of algae to clean
every week in the rocks and the plant
he lives in Arrowhead or Evian water
depending on which one is on sale...
anyway, that's
kiyo's velvety red tail
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