Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deutsch macht Spaß

Eins zwei drei,
du bist frei.
Vier fünf sechs,
du bist weg.
Sieben acht neun,
du musst's sein.
Ich heiße Peter, du heißt Paul.
Ich bin fleißig, du bist faul...

Du bist faul!!!

if not...
then why are you reading this stupid blog?
heh heh
just a little joke
danke für den Klick!

and here a song
of mister Morrissey
who apparently is playing in Tijuana soon?
faraway so close! you are mister Morrissey
don't think i have time to cross the border...

his album Ringleader of the Tormentors
[from where this track is taken]
was one of my most listened albums of 2006

he's not The Smiths
but he was from The Smiths
and i think he still has it!

my favorite part of this song
guess 'cause it sounds sort of personal

If your god bestows protection upon you
And if the USA doesn't bomb you
I believe I will see you somewhere safe
Looking to the camera, messing around
and pulling faces.

Nobody knows what human life is.
Why we come, why we go.
So why then do I know
I will see you,
I will see you in far off places?
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