Sunday, September 02, 2007


Es ist heiß!

they speculate
if today was the hottest
day of the year 2007
so far in San Diego

it sure felt like that
sandwiched between
fan & fan
it was
still hot enough
to through you out of home

i wonder
the ikea aisles
no product search
but AC oxygen

near to the 100°C's
and tops
unmerciful sun!

the beach is the refugee for this weather
but in Labor Day weekend
the places are taken as early as 7am!
the beach is overflowing with people...

tomorrow, a bookstore
or downtown's library
or my friends perro's place
it sucks to have a day off
and have to runaway from home

Es ist heiß!

up to a late viewing
finally of this film
on dvd
since it is too hot
to sleep
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