Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the chase of the peach window

early this summer
i had the chance to hang-out
with a very talented photographer
in an amazing city
i remember many photography-related episodes
they come & go from my head
as if projecting old polaroids
on the wall of my soul
they appear in the least expected moments
when i am at at work meeting
but also they leave easily!
just like dreams
memories of the loved ones cannot be trapped
they come and go freely
but one particular photographic episode
came to my mind just a few days ago...

i saw this window while walking by an alley
it was late and i just didn't feel comfortable getting out the camera on a dark alley...

the next night i drove by and remembered, ah the peach curtain!
hope the light is on again!, then 2 cars were parked there grrrr... but this time the window was a little open... ah!!!
it was nice after all
so i took the picture

and i remembered
the episode of him chasing a photo
the chase of the yellow umbrella
ah so lovely
if it would be for that episode
and the fun i had while seeing him
chasing his photo
probably i wouldn't have chase
these peach windows and rear view mirrors
a couple of nights ago

so comforting to find
such a natural like-minded
and easy going feeling
with somebody sharing the same
little idle passion...
so this one for you!
who has inspired on me
the photo-chasing
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