Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back wrenched (draft to the 1st post)

Tonight I found this interesting (for me heh heh)
Draft on word
It was actually meant to be my very 1st post on this blog!
I didn’t finished, and the 1st post came different
But here what I found tonight:

Back wrenched first involuntarily, in forethought after and since recalling how good is a good stretch, especially in the middle of the day.

Stretching the skin slightly comes an itchy, a little, the dryness of skin that comes with age, a little the sun of this city while you are outside.

Wrenched yet still holding the strength to write.
Sun glisten outside, what remains with a jump inside this heart.

After a colander, the clouds up in the sky, let filter through little squares the lightening shines .

4 of a Sunday, remembering trains and stations at 12, still a girl back then, many years ago, now 36 and San Diego, is the place. Those of the memories of the trains are far behind, as far as Guadalajara, city back in Mexico, that country just aside of this one.

The train station was particularly illuminated that night, maybe since being a Saturday night; the lights were dressed with the glittering of the traditional going out at the middle of the weekend. Funny how according to a calendar (the Roman in this case, as western civilization has selected for us), we gather when we should all united have fun, the official days of going out, socializing rules, rules & pre-sets, optimized for each & every one. Saturday don’t mind if your hair looks nice or the skin hangs all over and out, you are supposed to go, then if not, a week of wearing a crawling brain situation all around, a week, of trying to comfort yourself on the fact that all will recovered the next time.

Anyway the station looked fine, and 12 year-old are picky!, at least I was one, perfectionist, the drip way, so I knew the art deco decoration of this station was fine, it came with the same hope that the 20’s implied, the young century the best one we had in a while, the feeling of renaissance of rebirth, after the big war inundated the world, we have been very down and not very high since the 15th one that this after war

Then it finished there
I don’t understand myself the 15th nor the war references
But oh well
Many times I re-read what I tried to write
And truly, makes not much sense
But in this case
I didn’t dislike all the parts!
The strange person back in March 07, 2006
That I was, I seem to be today
& that’s somehow nice (?)
or stable of me (?)
rather conformist (?) ha!
this was supposed to be a writing exercise
this blog, and it has been anything else but that
but it's fine! it has become more of a journal
than anything, but i still can on it
well, write (insert smile) & non-sense type
las fotillos, también, now & then
& march 07, 06
Is not that long ago
And the actual 1st post came like this
I didn’t re-read it myself
But I will, I had befor
One day I’ll re-read it again
I think…
But not tonight


61 :)
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