Wednesday, May 16, 2007

this is my kitchen any day of the week at 8.25 am,
making breakfast, i don't eat this every day,
but this raspberry sauce I made this morning!
i wanted to remember it so i record it, it is good!
just raspberries with orange juice and a bit of lime juice,
a teaspoon of sugar and heat it up,
boiling for about 5 minutes, delicious!
then i put on top of a frozen waffle
(well i heat it first)
those blueberry waffles whole grain by Kashi are really good,
and all with a good glass of cold milk, ah!

I feel kitchens are the heart of some houses
Certainly of mine
It is
I like warm places
In that I am like a cat
But I am much more friendly
That most cats so
Am more like a dog
Who likes whole grains?
& raspberry sauces

the result

just another 60 :)
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