Wednesday, May 24, 2006

& then i knew who is richard greenberg

last night another night at the old globe theatre, this time the violet hour; and the name richard greenberg, for me now is linked to outstanding ideas, marvelous plots, full of unforeseen twists; i think one knows it is a good play when all seems fast, short, and easily ending! when you can't believe the intermission is here, and when the curtain is down again it is sad to see the play over. i could've stayed the whole night and re-watched it many times! it was that delicious... the machine, what a ironic twister. a highly enjoyable play, fast paced and never dull or boring, full of new york city references, queens, the queensborough bridge, etc.

the cast was superb! 2 women 3 men, and specially t. scott cunningham as gidger, maybe since his character carried the most delightful and funniest lines on the play, not to mention his dog sir lancelot

from aCurtainUp review on the Violet hour:

It's that time -- that wonderful New York hour when the evening's about to reward you for that day ---Denis (Denny) McCleary explaining the title for his colossus of a novel to his friend John Pace Seavering -- and by extension, the title for Richard Greenberg's play about a fateful day in their lives...
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