Wednesday, May 03, 2006

teapot kukicha kikucha kuki-time!

since probably this is the most-used item in my kitchen
(besides my tea kettle that i use to heat water for coffee as well)
i decided to render a petite tribute to it here today

my teapot (shown above) is japanese and came with a little metallic strainer included (i have many of those strainers that i use for single cups of tea) the capacity of my 'nueva mejor amiga' is about 3 regular size cups (american oversized cups) or 4 to 5 japanese tea cups. i bought this newest friend about 3 months ago, and every day i realize even more why the japanese ceramic is regarded in such high esteem, it keeps the temperature of the water for longer periods of time, making a superb tea, it is easy to clean, it is beautiful to look at, and the surface so smooth, then the cute flowers all around, what a delight indeed i found! at mitsuwa just $16.99

now here is an interesting link on the story of the teapots, knowledge on daily matters like the development of teapots is what keeps me going on every day of my silly little life, if it wouldn't be for details like this...

and since i am blogging on teas yet again, well here some newer recommendations on tea

the japanese kukicha tea is one of my favorites lately, is known also as 'twig tea' since it is actually made out of the twigs of the tea bushes, it has a very mild taste to it, an asian flavor indeed like green or oolong but without the intensity even if it has a little of caffeine on it, it is very relaxing, for sure you can drink one or two cups at night without having insomnia a highly recommended one. here below howkukicha tea looks like.

ah! but not to be confused with another popular japanese tea named kikucha (unfortunately i didn't find an american link for this tea since it is most popular in Japan) which is also called 'stalk' tea, that is a tea made with stalks of green tea (sencha and gyokuro) the kikucha tea is also mild in flavor and intensity and also very good, so now you can choose among these 2 confusing ones. and below this is how the kikucha or 'stalk' tea looks like.

oh can't wait to go home and play with teapot again. cheap toys for a boring woman on the verge of a technology crash. right on! and good night...
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