Wednesday, May 03, 2006

mountain patrol: kekexili

for sure one of the most impressive movies i have seen in my life
honest strong basic human nature and its interaction with our natural environment, all in a perfect nude thriller

a well structured thriller with a straight-forward plot
inspirational, very in spite of the theme
music, candid
photography, superb!

no matter what kind of cinematography you enjoy
you must see Mountain Patrol: Kekexili
it just takes to be human to relate to understand
many subtle layers in a naked bold thruth of our planet and our souls

the only review posted in the new york times is actually of the father of one guys who died during the film, his review is objective and concise, until you read the last lines here below, click on the title
The Reality of Life, April 14, 2006 Reviewer: polymath0
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