Monday, May 15, 2006

sleeping in the enemy's patio

It is just outrageous what Bush is doing now
Troops at the Mexican border?
What is he going to do next?
Blame Mexico for his stupidity
Long list of them he has
way longer than mine

distracting the nation's attention from a useless war
to a display of militar totalism?
attempts that after all
red necks like him fall for...

here the news click on it

And the Venezuela issue
As Venezuelan president said
Bush is the terrorist himself!
don't you see?
but then rednecks like this huh?
power and weapons and rifles and power eh?
“A totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).

I do have dual citizenship
American and Mexican
Naturally born American
But raised in Mexico

And every day lately
I feel like Julia Roberts in that
Film “Sleeping with the Enemy”
Wondering if I am after all in the right side
Of the fence
Maybe ethically, morally, I am NOT anymore

I moved to USA 5 years ago
Being sick of corrupted Mexican politics
And the violence in my other ways lovely Mexico City
I live a peaceful laid back life in San Diego
Yet many days I do feel like a sold-out
Supporting (somehow since like it or not that mofo is my president)
This country which boundaries and lack of respect for other countries
Had gone so far
North american people, the real people, my friends, my co-workers, the every day citizens
are great people, and i don't think, feel, or agree that some one like Bush
represents them, and myself
he is not USA, as Carlos Salinas de Gortari was never Mexico

so much for totalitarianism then
National guard in Iraq
National guard in Mexican borders
So much for arrogance & stepping all over the world
National guard should take over that lunatic guy!
Yes over Bush the most disrespectful president ever
a truly cuello rojo, red neck
just a bit of common sense
not 'cause Mexico have had troops in the border for a while
but the impact of the external politics
as all the world is watching
I feel sorry for this such amazing country and myself here
since it is my country now
Being victim of this awful leader

Really really sad
Hope the Americans recover democracy one day
Such a great nation coming down into violent pieces
A paranoid greedy man building a white fence around
Violence brings isolation
sad white fence below

sometimes I think I should just pack and go back to Mexico
poverty yet warmth and not a lunatic guy as president
yet Vicente Fox sucks too (at least we got rid of over 70 years of PRI)
Damn where to move now???
I am running out of countries where to go now?

have to say I do miss the mexican charm
as much as one could in San Diego, heh heh...

agggrrrr politics rub me wrong
i hate them!
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