Saturday, March 25, 2006

word of mouth

there are lists
there are blogs

but as with music, life, or love

the best way to get a book recommendation
is word of mouth

a book-friend
hey! i read this good book that i think you’d like it
one can re-e-search and type
and read printed
but a friend’s note
or a friend’s mouth
about a book
it is just warm

own life
own trajectories
each book has

so many letters
so little time!

find a good friend or an awful co-worker
(this might fix it)
or a randomly smiling person today
and out of the blue
just tell them the name
and recommend
a dear book
you read once, or twice

(or with a piece of music or a movie
or a park…)

worst case, click on books
or write one! and please tell me the title
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