Friday, March 24, 2006

señales de primavera

and the earliest flower (a new little red one) on my neighbor’s patio, this break of day, just for me, blossomed. the neighbors are actually rather uptight and hardly take pleasure in their backyard. me, i have this view (of their yard) from my kitchen all times

thus i am on the increase of this early-morning-washing-dishes compulsive behavior, i have been gaining weight because i eat to get the most dishes dirty so i can wash them and look at the yard, pretty complex fatting plot going on

moreover, on this springy pleasant friday while at work, i realized, itunes charming randomness courtesy that: a-ha! the story of music of the second half of the past century could be resumed to these 3 tracks (disclaimer: important is the order! probably if inversed the story of music could/would collapse! so if you have access to them and want to try at home, just don’t mix the order or…) and they are

  1. slint’s carol from their album tweeze
  2. insky’s cedes from his album lostapes {ben twire] (another one)
  3. madredeuscéu da mouraria from their album ainda (soundtrack to yet another wonderful wim wenders film lisbon story -the adventures of a sound engineer lost on lisbon and... watch the movie, is way more recommendable than my stubborn words)

they come & go & come back from the post of the rock to the post of the lovely-yet-somehow-unknown-experimental-weird-ala-ranaldo-style to the beautiful-regardless-if-you-are-a-motley-crew-fan you’d say yeah, that is that!

enjoy your ends of this week, wherever you are, or not...

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