Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump and climate change

I am sad, surprised, horrified
that Americans have chosen Donald Trump for president
One of the things that worry me the most
is his position on climate change...
so today I wrote on Facebook:

You know who is in more denial than Trump voters?
And is hurting our planet more than Trump?
Just look around,:
people not willing to accept that eating animals
is destroying our planet.

Please read this article
and then read some of the horrible comments and attacks of meat-eaters on vegans,
tell me this doesn't sound Trump-like,
yet, every day we can make great choices to help our planet
and not hurt others when choosing a vegan life,
but we stand stubborn,
we stand racist against animals (speciesists)
and we stand utterly cruel!

Help our planet!
Stop the violence!
Go Vegan!
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