Friday, April 15, 2016

eggs = cruelty

the way eggs are 'produced' nowadays
is far from the picturesque idea of happy farms
industrial production of eggs is one of the
cruelest industries to animals...
these hens "live" for years in despicable conditions

and all for a food that makes us so sick!
a single egg contains 3 times the amount of cholesterol
a human needs, we are dying of heart attacks,
of obesity, of hypertension, diabetes, and we are
torturing billions of animals, is about time we
change the way we eat, we need to evolve!

Watch the heartbreaking Mercy for Animals investigation:
The Video the Rotten Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

Every single dish you prepare with eggs can be made with
these simple replacements, take a look at this chart!

There is even Vegan Eggnog (Vegan Eierpunsch) and it is fantastic!

Veganer Eierpunsch
Even the ultimate "egg" drink has compassionate substitutes, just add rum & yum!

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