Friday, September 11, 2015

Rescue dogs in 9/11

I have just arrived to the USA in late 2000
from hectic violent Mexico City which was MY city
but a man showed me a gun once and the city
was just getting impossible to live in...

San Diego appeared to me as a paradise beach city
quiet, calm, and for once, I worked just 2 blocks from
the apartment I was renting, very close to Balboa Park

I was very lucky and found a position as Creative Director
at the San Diego Blood Bank, at first, I didn't
appreciate the job... working at a non-profit
helping 'save lives', how arrogant I was...

but then it came the saddest morning of any September,
the TV was on while I was getting ready to go to work
the news this time, instead of cartoons, or and old b&w film...
I heard about a plane crash... nobody knew what happened
why a plane crashed into one of the twin towers?
and live I saw it... another plane crashed too!!
now, we know this is not an accident, is not a coincidence...
it is extreme violence and hate at its worst...

I ran to the Blood Bank, by the time I got there,
barely 20 minutes after the attack,
my boss at the community relations dept had issued
a press conference, calling all San Diego blood donors
to give blood in order to help the victims in New York City...

I will never forget the lines of donors surrounding the
building to help, for weeks, donor kept coming.
Strange how the worst in humanity,
woke up the best in humanity, strange twisted species we are

The San Diego Blood Bank was the 1st blood bank to
help the victims of NYC...

And today, I remember all those dogs what we barely saw
on TV or read about, the most selfless species and the closest
to us cruel humans, here this wonderful article and 
picture of real heroes, the ones that only get paid with a pet
a smile and love, selfless tender creatures
today I write and remember the rescue dogs of 9/11.

Bretagne, Last Known Living 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog Honored With Dream Day

I am sure she wasn't afraid, as dogs are pure love and will do anything to help!

Heroes on four legs, with fur and tails
Peace, peace love, love.
Never war, never murder.
Please humans stop killing each other.
Please stop eating the animals!
Let's all species of this planet unite and help each other.
Not kill and eat each other.
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