Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Pirates and slaves

Last week I went to the exhibition of Real Pirates
this was an exhibit based on a real pirate ship that sank in Massachusetts, the Whydah...
I learn so much about pirates and I turn to admire them,
they robbed mostly Slave Ships,
then they set free the slaves and make them part of their crew,
most pirate ships had at least a 60% crew of slaves,
indian americans, latin people,
and they always split their gold in equal parts &
had elections to choose captains...
I learn also a lot about slavery...
the slave ships, now the resemblance between
human slavery and what we do now
with the animals was an uncanny painful part
before it was humans
now it is animals
overcrowded and abused
overcrowded and abused
entire families suffering abuse for others profit
intelligent beings being abuse for food

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