Tuesday, December 17, 2013

your food

"...the greatest evils in history,
such as the Holocaust,
have been perpetrated NOT by sociopathic demons
but by seemingly normal people who engaged
unthinkingly in atrocities that were assigned
to them by authority figures..."

Do you know where your food comes from?
Do you stop and ask yourself before you eat?
Animals live in this planet and have the same rights
to live as humans do?
Aren't we just tyrants who enslave them and kill them?
Just like the Nazis did, or as the whites did with the blacks?

Stop & think, where does your food comes from?
Are you just following the "normal"?
Are you willing to give up a taste of meat or a sip of milk
to save the animals? Or are you just going with the flow
of pain, slavery, and death, just because everybody else does it?
Are you compassionate? Or you just don't care?

Think! There are COMMON every day practices in the farming nowadays
these images happen billions of times per day!

pigs trapped without outdoors access for their entire life

chickens can't move around their entire life

cow extremely sick but still being milked a couple of times a day

pigs slaughtered brutally and left to die, some are thrown to hot water while still alive

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