Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I do love animals, a protest against bacon

last Saturday I went to my very first protest
I joined some animal lovers and vegan friends from PETA
We went to protest against this International Bacon Festival
Now, that I more conscientious of animal issues
that I have been vegan for a longer period of time
I thought I could do a bit more than just stop eating animals
I think I can try to help friends, family and others
to understand the tremendous pain that animals suffer
when living in farming factories and when slaughtered brutally

I got to meet some really nice vegan people (see below)
and I will surely meet them again when I can join to protest
the atrocity that is going on in our planet.

Morrissey from The Smitsh would be proud of my sign!

All to help these beautiful creatures that are so abused

a group of new lovely friends, all animal activists

the complete group of animal activists

If you would like more information on how to go vegetarian or vegan
Check this amazing website Mercy for Animals
You can download a Vegetarian Starting Guide for FREE! Here
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