Tuesday, April 16, 2013

today i fell

on my knee
and i was afraid
then in pain
then ashamed
later angry
and lastly, confused
what a day!
but then i found
this little old song


Georg said...

Why did you fell on your knee? Asking the Boss for forgiveness and only on one knee instead of both?

But what must be done has to be done! No hard feelings afterwards, no need to be ashamed, angry or confused. Pain is enough, for the time being at least.

Could be all this is a vengence of the Veggy God who dislikes your devouring his subjects who cannot prostest.

Remember what Old Zarathustra said about this, nearly two thousand years ago: pray and live on hay.

Hope you enjoy this homily.


Georg said...

Holà Berenice,

Yesterday I fell on one knee and today it hurts.

Your vengence?

Right now I am trying some infrareds
rays for beautiful warmth. Maybe.


berenice said...

hi Herr Georg! how are you? how are the infrared lights working? are you warm already?

I had to laugh at your first comment with the Veggie God mad at me...

I just 'fell' as it sounds, I was walking on the side walk, a bit quick, tripped on my left leg and than bam!! I landed on my right knee and hand, scrapes, a bit of blood and a LOT of pain, I am better now, but still hurts... ouch!!

Do you think the infrared lights will help with this???

take care Herr Georg!

Georg said...

Heya Berenice,

Hope you are already a little bit better. Time helps. As to the infrared light, I did this, sure, and my knee hurts less, sure, too. But I don't know if there is really a relation. But this is certain: infrared cannot hurt (if you stay out of the burning zone).


Smorg said...

Ouch, bella Bere! You've been banged up of late. Hope you are all healed up now... infrared lighted or not! :o)

My dad has a cure-all for scrapes and road rashes... A long wade in sea water. XoP I don't know if it really works, but cold compress works well enough for me.

berenice said...

I am better mister Smorg, the only problem lingering is the skins, is scraped indeed so I can kneel on that knee and sometimes I forgot, ouch!! I hope it recover soon, it's cloudy today, but maybe on the weekend it will get better and I'll drive to Mission beach for my salt water remedy!

I did the cold compress when I just felt, I use cold compresses a lot, for headaches, any aches, they work great!

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