Monday, December 03, 2012

December 2012 mom visit

my mom is visiting and we are having fun!
thanks to mister Smorg's recommendation
we went on Saturday to the Handel's Messiah
sing-a-long with the San Diego Master Chorale
it was lovely! (mainly 'cause I didn't sing)

and yesterday we went on a 3 hour walk
to Balboa Park, around and back

it's good to have a fun healthy mom
to walk with!


Dr. Jay SW said...

Balboa park: I wandered around there, once.

I know a guy who plays violin and posted something on Facebook saying he wouldn't be playing for the Messiah this year. I said "what's the problem-can't Handel it?" He didn't respond.

the thilo said...

Oh, i remember...:)
It was great!!!
Please greet your mom!

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere,
I'm delighted to be of service, amiga. :) Was sorry to miss the concert. My winter schedule is weird this year. Hopefully will manage to catch one or two symphony performances before all the good shows are gone!

Good walking around Balboa Park, too! You gals are fitter than me. It's a weird thing now that I'm cycling a lot I can barely walk an hour anymore! :oP Hope you are having a lovely December!

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