Thursday, March 08, 2012

Julian Omar Chavez-Abraham

i found out a couple of days ago
that my very first boyfriend passed away in 2009
not a pretty story, that one of his adulthood
but pretty indeed was discovering the first love
the first kiss, by his side
we met in high-school
i was 18 and he was 17
i was his first girlfriend too

we were so nerdy!
in Mexico, the last year of high-school
you have to choose the 'area' of career
you want to follow on college
we both followed physics mathematics
he wanted to be an engineer
i wanted to be an architect
so we chose the same classes

some years later he actually became an architect
and i became an industrial designer

and so calculus became our pass-time
i remember talking to him for hours
on the phone, even after spending
the entire morning with him at school
we called each other with the excuse of the
calculus homework and then end-up sighing
together over the phone 'cause we couldn't see
each other in the evenings
feeling that life was so unfair 'cause we had
to wait another 12 hours to hold hands again
hiding from professors and other students
just to hold hand, because we were that shy...

the charm of first love
i will never forget you, Julian Chavez
or Juliancito as my mom used to call him
and for you i say a little prayer
and post this old photo full of sunlight
i bet where you are now, you are smiling
and getting the sun strokes even closer

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