Monday, September 05, 2011

mixed teas and a little piece

it's been so long since i wrote here
life took over
the summer, my mom's visit
the search for a new home, Monday organ concerts,
cats, work, walks

but one thing in common had my summer nights
trying new mixed teas, herbal loose teas
or technically correct, infusions

my mom found this Rose tea (made of little rose buds)
at 99 Ranch, the all-Asian store
and i started mixing it with chamomile, lavender,
even green sencha tea

the results, marvelous!
the rose buds tea has many properties, throat soother
mood enhancer, etc. and with a bit of honey is great

green sencha tea with rose buds and tea bag

fluffy tea bag with fragrant tea

pretty and tasty tea, the discovery of the summer

chamomile, the good old remedy

chamomile, the good old remedy, a perfect mix for rose buds

chamomile and lavender, another fragrant elixir for quiet nights

lavender tea is another long-time remedy with many benefits

one of my favorite cups to brew tea

ah! and here 'A Little Piece' literally
from a lovely compilation of classical music
for the piano designed to soothing your pets
(Herr Gato and Frau Kitty sure seem to like it!)
this piece is called Stückchen,
Album For The Young in C Major, Op. 6: V. Stückchen
that means in German, Small Piece
written by Robert Schumman
enjoy! if your dog or cat is not relaxed already
i hope you are!

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