Tuesday, April 12, 2011

two italian films

recently i watched two Italian films
my Netflix queue seems to be all about Italy these days...

the first one was a classic film great italian film!

a noir comedy about the Sicilian mafia on the 60's
directed by Alberto Lattuada
who i read was an architect before being a film director
which explains the beautifully framed framed
and the aesthetically timed scenes

it featured Italian star Alberto Sordi
who does an excellent job in this noir comedy
really enjoyable performance!
Mafioso is a hidden jewel, showcasing
every Sicilian and mobster cliche you can think of
but... just when you are about to get tired
of Sicilian old ladies and so much 'baciamo la mano'
(kissing of the hand)
the film offers a superb visual & musical twist...
do not miss it!

the other film is much more contemporary
is a subtle comedy about old age, good food,
wine drinking, all happening in Rome
during Ferragosto...
Pranzo di Ferragosto
or as they called it here
Mid-August Lunch

this film is not a strong film
but it's lovely in its subtlety, it's delightful one!
i watched on a perfect schedule
on my TV at home, during this past warm Sunday
while sipping wine and preparing a late snack
this is a perfect setting for this film
you don't want to watch this film late at night
you want to watch it on a light warm day
while sipping wine (believe me you'll want some)
and with a light snack, at least...

Pranzo di Ferragosto or Mid-August Lunch
is one of those little films that probably you'll forget
and that sometimes seems pointless but just like
a good magazine article, it will keep you fulfilled
while you watch... and it will make you smile
many times... lovely little film
great film for an outdoor summer day...
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