Sunday, March 20, 2011

the great white ocean

i've been away from the blog
for too long
days are busy, tiring
Herr Gato got into a fight
lots of vets visits, compresses
no yoga, stress at work
but the saddest, the Japanese news
and now Libya and so on
so little humans, we struggle, we do
but from the pain comes art, and inspiration
and survival, and love
this little song about death, about love
to the victims of Japan and all earthquakes
i dedicate with love

Swim with me my mama when I die
In the ocean of death I will cry
If I am not with my family
You could be my friend eternally

Swim with me my Sister when I die
In the great white ocean we must try
Try to find a way that we can see
See each others faces in the sea

Swim with me my Brother when I die
I don't ever want to say good-bye
If you do go first or if it's me
Oh my darling brother, swim with me

Swim to me my Father when I die
Please remember Father, we must try
Try not to forget our family
Oh my darling Father, rescue me

Google Earth's picture of Japan after the quake

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