Thursday, July 29, 2010

the strange case of the stolen palm

when my mom was visiting we decided
to get some plants to cover my window to the alley
from the summer heat, not has been hot at all this summer
we set a table and got two big palms from Home Depot
i water them every other day and they are my friends
later i got two hanging plants

as last night, there were 2 palms,
this morning, only one is left

last night, i heard noises by my window
when i looked through, i saw a person with my plan
on the back seat of her/his car!!!

i yelled, what the heck??? you are stealing my plant!
they backed up down the alley, dropping all the trash cans there

they stole my plant and i think a bin trash container too

who would steal a plant? it was heavy too
and yes, they only left the little plate behind

tonight i tied the palm left with a cord to the window

my best friend said to me tonight
the strangest things happen to you
and i said, i know... and i barely do nothing
i don't go out much, i am always lazy at home
but trouble seems to know my name.... and address...
and telephone, and he said, yes, and it has your
e-mail address too
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