Wednesday, April 14, 2010


today, April 14th, is my birthday
i am officially 41 years old
and i am so thankful i made it this far
i only wish i can make it to 80... at least!
but of course in good health
can't wait to see myself with all white hair

my routine today has been like any regular day
i woke up, had coffee, stopped for cake
(well, that was unusual)
unusual too was to have chocolate cake for breakfast
after arriving at work
but in spite of not having big celebrations happening
i've been having a pretty nice day:

my cats greeted me and sunbathed this morning
my mom, my aunt, my sister, and herr Thilo called
i got tons of notes via Facebook from remote and close friends
and we ate chocolate cake at work with black tea

chocolate cake to celebrate my co-worker's and my birthday at work

and for dinner my friend perro and miss m
the m&m team visited me, bought me pizza at Zia
and meet Lucky, the black cat and gave me hope
on finding him a home
nothing like sharing maladies and worries with friends
to feel them dissipate

and i am not sure why
maybe 'cause i've been eating avocados for a while now
or doing yoga more often
but i feel rather happy and thankful to be alive!

other years i had more things going on
but i was less happy
as i get older, i seem to comfort myself
with less and with those little things of life
like a piece of cake, a smile, and a good tea

i thank life for not giving me a migraine
nor an asthma attack today
and for keeping my lungs breathing
and my eyes open to appreciate
this wonderful fluffy cloud in the sky

lovely fluffy cloud covering a radiant sun behind

life is great at 41!
when you only expect smiles from friends
and to be alive

my old Swatch marking 14 on the date

hope you had a great day too
and share for me a smile

and i feel like singing this old Belle & Sebastian song
Ease Your Feet in the Sea
is all about taking shoes off and curling toes, nice!

Ease you're feet off in the sea
My darling it's the place to be
Take your shoes off curl your toes
And I will frame this moment in time
Troubles come and troubles go
The trouble that we've come to know
Will stay with us till we get old
Will stay with us till somebody decides to go
Decides to go
Soberly, without regret, 1 make another sandwich
And I fill my face, 1 know that things have got to you
But what can 1 do?
Suddenly, without a warning
On a pale blue morning
You decide your time is wearing thin
A conscious choice to let yourself go dangling
It's an emergency
There's no more wait and see
Maybe if I shut my eves
Your trouble will be split between us
People come and people go
You're scouring everybodies face
For some small flicker of the truth
To what it is that you are going through, my boy
I left you dry
The signs were clear that you were not going anywhere
Save for a falling down
Everything's going wrong
Later on, as I walked home
The plough was showing, and orion
1 could see the house where you lived
I could see the house where you gave
All your time and sanity to people
Then you waited for the people to acknowledge you
They spoke in turn
But their eyes would pass over you
Over you
Who's seeing you at all?
Who's seeing You at all?
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