Monday, March 08, 2010

la nube, die Wolke, las mujeres, die Frauen, the women

today is the international women's day
and to celebrate i chose these pictures
of a female entity, a cloud

well, in Spanish and German, a cloud
is a female entity
La nube, die Wolke
i guess in English is neutral
but it is not only about articles and genders
but about clouds female nature
clouds just like women
are round, soft, fluffy, cheerful
and they make you smile, most of the time

and just like women too
they can be menacing, and dark
and when they are angry or sad
they discharge tears, and loud thunders

i suffer a lot of womanly maladies
hormonal migraines, strong PMS
moodiness, and sensitivity
and my life has gone totally gray
over a homeless cat
yet, i am thankful to life
for having created me a woman
i love to be cheerful and sensitive
and also to be sad and cry plenty at times

celebrate, not only today, but always
the women in your life!
too celebrate those lovely fluffy clouds

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