Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Granny O'Grimm, Logorama, and the Facebook or Blogger dilemma

it's been a couple of days since i posted something here i've been replying, finally, to many friends in Facebook and by the time i am done there, it's too late to post here but even if it's great to be in touch with many of my Mexican friends and some Californians i don't see around here via Facebook

i do like writing and chronologizing much more here!
in my good old blog
there something about this way of writing, careless
that i like much better than facebook, starting with the visual interface
it's so busy there!! anways, finally, am back homs &
so here, somehow reposting from last Saturday's adventure
to the movies, where I watched ALL the nominated animated shots
here what i wrote there and some of the youtube shorts

just watched all the short films nominated for an Oscar this year...
if you can watch them, don't miss them, they are a delight!
there's a new Wallace & Gromit short is included
A Matter of Loaf and Death
and a super-trippy film called Logorama
(with violence and strong language warning)...
some stories are a delight, some make you laugh,
and a ...couple make you cry..

my favorite was Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
a superb character and mood, here the full movie
in case you can't watch them on the big screen
it's refreshingly funny

and she's was nominated she's planning to go to the Oscars
and this is her message to the Hollywood stars...

if you are in the San Diego area
the Ken Cinema in Kensington are showing them!

the Oscars are this Sunday
and even if Wallace & Gromit are long time favorites
i really hope that Granny O'Grimm or Logorama
win the Oscar
Logorama is a quirky idea that works in many levels
a subtle message is hidden behind the violence and the use
of all these brands... and check out the villain of the film

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