Thursday, February 18, 2010

domestic bliss & these feverish daydream songs

today was an odd day
the office was stuffy & warm, problems with the AC
it gave me a sore throat that blended with work stress
soon felt
like a daydream or a fever

i came home and the Gatos,
the skunk farm (more on this later),
and the new homeless kitty around (more on this later too),
were all asking for food, demanding attention
and busy being cats

the yoga fixed the throat for a little
but the body aches, and nightmarish feeling, stayed
i made some veggie soup and tea, but no luck
and by now it's too late

but then, like magia, i find this picture from a couple
of weeks ago

& yes! we are capable of domestic bliss

and then when not, as i found out too,
have this [below] to cuddle
with gatos and with soul,
no matter how many fevers or bad AC daydreams,
life on you bestow

[below] if you get into it
you are going to need 20 minutes with some seconds
rather not, if you don't
now i click on --> publish post

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