Thursday, January 21, 2010

Conan O'Brien

since i moved to the US, back in 2001
i stayed late to see what Conan O'Brien was babbling about
i learned 'funny' English and to laugh with him very late at night

Conan was one of those symbols from New York City for me
and then they moved him to Los Angeles to do the Tonight Show
i was somehow sad 'cause i relate Conan with NYC
but it was OK, after all i don't care for Jay Leno
nor for any other late shows or talk shows anyway...
i am a PBS viewer, and a Turner Classics Movies fan
with some dose of Law & Order SVU now & then
and other silly stuff
(hey!! nobody is perfect!)
but from late night TV i only cared
for this quirky skinny tall red-haired man
who used to write for The Simpsons

and now... after getting him out of NYC
they are bringing back fat simpleton Leno
to the Tonight Show
and leaving Conan with plenty of money
but without a TV show...

am gonna miss Conan!!!
and his great irreverent sense of humor
tomorrow is his last show
TV was bad,
it just got worse...
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